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A Complete List of the Best BJJ Gi Brands 

When you’ve trained for a while and rolled with a bunch of different people from different gyms, you’ll come to find out there are a ton of different companies out there making Gis.

You’ll find even more brands from shopping online or in stores. It’s a lot to take in. So it’s understandable to have questions over which are the best BJJ Gi brands, and which are untested or you should stay away from.

After a while, you’ll learn how to spot a high-quality Gi, and the brand name may not matter so much. But until you’re at that point, you’ll want to look for a BJJ Gi brand with a good reputation, to be confident you’ll get the best for your money.

So whether you’re new to the game and want to get a Gi from a trusted brand, or if you’re a hardened Gi collector looking for a new brand to try out, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got a list of the best BJJ Gi brands on the planet Earth today (best brands on Mars coming soon), featuring over 20 brands you can trust to find an awesome Gi.

We’ll also share our team’s picks for the best BJJ Gi brands – Gis that our team of BJJ lovers keep going back to when it’s time to buy a new Gi.

Read on for more on the definitive list of BJJ Gi brands you need to know about.

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A Full List of the Best BJJ Gi Brands

If you want a high quality Gi, look for one of the BJJ Gi brands listed below.

What Makes a High Quality Brand

What makes these brands the best BJJ Gi brands out there?

Well, there’s a degree of personal preference for sure. One person may love one brand more than another. But there are some things that make some Gi brands consistently stand out.

Here are a few things I look for in a Gi brand.

Quality products

The main thing is quality – how good are their Gis? Does a Gi from this brand stand up to use in training multiple days a week? How about in competition?

You don’t want Gis that start to wear out quickly. You also don’t want a Gi that’s poor fitting or feels awful to wear. You’ve got to go to war in this Gi, so it better feel good to wear.

Customer service

The biggest thing that separates high quality brands from low quality brands, not just for BJJ gear but for any kind of product, is customer service. You want to find a brand that’s run by people who really love what they make, and who appreciate you as a customer.

Brands that offer good customer service are those that are happy and willing to answer any questions you have before making a purchase, and will also help with any problems you have afterwards – such as returns if your Gi doesn’t fit right.


The best BJJ Gi brands will offer a range of different types of Gi. Rather than all their Gis being 450 GSM gold weave, they should have a variety for people with different preferences.

Some people like thicker, heavier Gis. On the other hand, a lot of people love the comfort and mobility of a super lightweight Gi. The best brands offer something for both.

Womens cuts and kids sizes are even better, so you can kit the whole family out in your brand of choice.

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Some brands just have awesome design. And while this doesn’t have anything to do with performance, it has everything to do with looking and feeling good on the mats. I tend to look for a brand with clean design, but not overbearing. I don’t want a Gi that has the brand’s logo all over, making me look like a walking billboard.

Pro recommendations

Finally, you can look to what the pros wear. Professional BJJ athletes, black belts, instructors – these are the people who have been training day in day out for some time. They’ve likely got a huge Gi collection, and a lot of experience buying and trying Gis. If anyone knows which brands can be trusted to produce quality Gis, it’s a pro athlete.

Our Team’s Favorite BJJ Gi Brands

Over the years, the team here at Find Your Gi have worn a wide range of Gis from different BJJ Gi brands. When you train for as long as we have, some brands stick out as head and shoulders above the rest.

The best BJJ Gi brands not only consistently produce high-quality Gis. They also offer a range of different options: lightweight Gis, budget Gis, premium Gis, different designs – you get the picture.

It’s even better when you get top-quality service and care as a customer, which many of these brands also offer.

Without anything more, here are our picks for the best BJJ Gi brands out there today:

Gold BJJ: Best Overall Gi Brand

Gold BJJ really is the gold standard in BJJ Gis today.

Their Gis are simple, and they don’t have a ton of different designs. But there’s no need for much more.

Their main Gi is the “Cavalera” – a strong and durable gold weave Gi, designed to hold up to competition use as well as everyday training. The exterior looks great – a simple, clean, design in white, black and blue – while the inside has a Dia de Los Muertos neck lining for comfort, as well as a little bit of style.

Other than the Cavalera competition Gi, Gold BJJ’s Aeroweave Gi (available in mens and womens cuts) is one of the lightest Gis you’ll ever come across, at just 275 GSM. That makes it a super comfortable and convenient option for anyone training in hot conditions or needing to travel with a Gi.

Best of all, this BJJ Gi brand is run by a great team of people who love and understand the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I wholly recommend getting a gi from Gold BJJ.


Tatami has been one of the world’s most popular BJJ Gi brands for some time now. They make some of the best rashguards for BJJ, as well as high-quality and generally affordable BJJ Gis.

Based out of the UK, the team behind Tatami are BJJ black belts, who know the sport and what it takes to build top quality Gis.

High-level Jiu Jitsu athletes love Tatami too, with sponsored athletes including JT Torres, Vitor Ribeiro, Robson Moura and Michelle Nicolini.

With Tatami you can also get pretty much anything else you might need for BJJ (or to show everyone you know BJJ), from gear bags to finger tape to laundry powder.

Origin: Best Premium Gi Brand

Origin breaks the mold of many Gi brands, who tend to have Gis manufactured off-shore (often Pakistan) and shipped in bulk.

Origin Gis are made in the USA, with a mix of proprietary technologies to produce truly unique products. Each Gi is made to order, which means your Gi is one of a kind. They even have in-depth videos showing the process of making each Gi. Just check out the video for the top of the range Rift Gi.

The designs are clean and stylish, without being too much. Origin Gis have a great reputation in BJJ circles, so if you show up to training with the Origin logo on your sleeve, everyone will know you mean business.

Origin Gis are pricey – that’s what you pay for revolutionary manufacturing techniques, and a specially constructed Gi for you every time. But without a doubt, Origin Gis are the best.


If you know BJJ and MMA, you know Hayabusa. Their gear is among the best you can get, and their Gis are extremely durable, made with top materials and craftsmanship.

Their Goorudo 3 Gold Weave Gi is an awesome throwback for people who like a thicker, more robust Gi, with 550 GSM gold weave fabric that is a little heavier than what you commonly see these days.

Hayabusa truly has everything, however – if you prefer lighter Gis, they have an ultra lightweight pearl weave Gi, which at 350 GSM will feel as light as a feather.

Hayabusa is a premium price point, but you know you’re getting premium quality as well.


Fuji Sports have been around since 1969, making great BJJ gear, as well as gear for MMA, Judo and other martial arts. The company was originally founded by 8th Dan Judo black belt Frank Hatashita – which shows the pedigree of martial arts expertise behind these products.

Fuji Gis were the first I ever wore. Our academy Gis were made by Fuji, so I’m well acquainted with how well these Gis perform day in and day out.

The pick of their Gis today is probably the Fuji Summerweight – relatively lightweight, in 450 GSM pearl weave, it’s not quite as light as most lightweight Gis today, but it settles nicely in a place between traditional, heavier Gis and superlight ones.

Sanabul: Best Budget Gi Brand

A lot of the time, the best BJJ Gi brands come with a premium price tag. Sanabul, however, makes some of the best and most affordable Gis out there.

Their Essentials V2 Gi is probably the best value Gi there is, with high quality craftsmanship, clean design and a light feel, for significantly cheaper than most other brands.

Sanabul doesn’t only cater to the budget market, with a higher level competition Gi – which is still quite good value for the quality you get.

If you want to bring something really unique onto the mats, check out the Sanabul Nasa Gi – it’s out of this world.


Scramble is well known in the BJJ community for superb BJJ gear, both Gi and No Gi. A wide range of known BJJ and MMA athletes rock scramble gear into competition. That’s because they’ve developed a reputation for awesome gear that holds up in training and competition alike.

Their products cover a range of what different people prefer in a Gi – from the superlight 350 GSM Gi, to the classic style of the Scramble Athlete Pro Gi at 550 GSM. You can also get a female cut.

It’s very hard to go wrong with Gis from Scramble.

Best BJJ Gi Brands – In Summary

There are a ton of BJJ Gi brands out there that continue to put out awesome products for the BJJ community. If you’re new to BJJ, or just looking for a new brand to try, check out the brands mentioned here for your next favorite Gi.

In particular, our team’s personal recommendations will help you narrow down the choices and get a GI you’re going to love.

Shop Origin and Hayabusa if you’re after top of the line, high-quality Gis. If you’re on a budget, Sanabul is your answer. And if you’re looking for the best overall, giving you high quality for fair value, I highly recommend Gold BJJ and Tatami.

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Andrew Buck

Andrew is the chief editor at Find Your Gi. He has nearly 10 years experience in BJJ, along with MMA, boxing and taekwondo. His go-to moves include the triangle, guillotine and peruvian necktie.

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