Best BJJ & Grappling Mats For Home Or New Academies 

Time on the mats is vital to be able to progress in BJJ. So investing in BJJ mats for your home could be the best thing you’ve ever done for your game.

Any BJJ gym has a quality set of mats to train on. Without mats, BJJ gyms would be a graveyard of injuries by falling and rolling around on the hard ground all day. Mats are the reason we can pick ourselves up and fight again the next day.

For a lot of us, our time in the gym just isn’t enough. To get an extra edge, you want to be able to train 24/7. That means getting a set of mats for home. Whether you’re doing solo drills or drilling with friends, the extra time you get to spend training will be invaluable for your progress.

That’s why this guide has been put together – to help you find the perfect set of BJJ mats, to build the perfect home gym.

This guide will also be relevant for anyone starting up a new academy. Chances are, when you’re starting out you’ll have to transform your location into your dream dojo, and setting up a matted area is the first step. With our help, you’ll see it’s pretty easy to pick up a set of mats that will make your new academy look professional as hell.

What To Look For From Your Jiu Jitsu Mats

You don’t want to pick up just any mats for your home gym or academy. You want to make sure they’re high-quality, and suitable for grappling. This is going to be the foundation for everything you do.

BJJ Mat Types

First of all, there are a couple of different types of mats you can get for your academy or home gym – jigsaw mats and canvas/roll-out mats.

Jigsaw Mats

The first, and in my opinion the best, are “jigsaw” mats. These are made from a rubbery foam, and come in square pieces with jigsaw fittings on the outside. You get as many tiles as you need, and they lock together.

Jigsaw mats are great because they lock in place very securely, and which is a must from your mats. You don’t want your mats sliding around and gaps opening between the mats, because that’s when injuries happen.

This style of mat also performs great, being soft and firm, creating a fantastic surface to train on. There are just a couple of negatives. The jigsaw pieces can break off after a long time, at which point they may not stay together securely. Also, they can be a little harder to clean. If you don’t take the effort to deep clean them properly, sweat and bacteria soaks into the foam and creates an unsafe surface.

Canvas Mats

The alternative to foam jigsaw mats is folding or roll out mats. These mats are more general-purpose, commonly used for things like wrestling, gymnastics or yoga. The surface is usually a kind of plastic or canvas, with foam padding underneath. They will come either in a roll or rectangular sections, which you’ll place down in the area you want.

The pro with folding or rollout mats is the water-resistant surface, which makes it a lot easier to clean. All you need is some disinfectant spray and a mop, and you can just wipe them clean every day. That being said, some canvas mats are a little too water-resistant, and after a hard roll on a hot day, the mats turn into a slip and slide.

The other downside, compared to jigsaw mats, is that the sections are harder to put together, usually without a built-in way to connect to each other. That means you need some heavy-duty duct tape to ensure your mats don’t slip apart.

Best BJJ Mats For Home Or Academy Use

No more talk. If it’s a home gym or a legit academy you want to build, here are the best BJJ mats to choose from.

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles 

These mats are the #1 best seller on Amazon in their category. That tells you there’s a lot of good feedback on these mats. As do more than 2500 5-star ratings.

These are the jigsaw-style mats – buy as many as you need to fill your gym or training area, and easily lock them together. The mats also come with end borders, which round off the edges of your matted area to create a clean square or rectangle.

They are two-sided, with a secure non-stick surface facing the floor, and a moisture resistant weave pattern on the top side, making them safe and easy to clean.

The mats come in ½ inch, ¾ inch and 1 inch variations. Pick up the one inch mats for the highest quality surface for your BJJ gym.

IncStores – Jumbo Soft Interlocking Foam Tiles 

Like the previous entry, these are jigsaw mats made from high-quality, durable EVA foam. They lock together easily, and are super lightweight, making it easy to pick up and rearrange without any help.

They’re a little under 1 inch thick, which is still more than enough to protect against falls. Get double legged over and over by that one white belt who is a suspiciously good wrestler, and you’ll still get back up in one piece every time.

These mats are made in a convenient reversible color scheme, either blue/red or black/grey, which makes it easy to arrange your BJJ mats with separate and defined areas.

Yes4All Interlocking Exercise Foam Mats 

Yes4All mats are made to professional standards, specifically for gyms, yoga studios and martial arts academies. They’re designed with a non-stick bottom surface and a durable upper surface. The texture on the surface is a non-skid design that will help you keep your footing, while keeping excess patches of moisture from becoming a problem.

They’re a little thinner than the others at ½ an inch, so not quite as good if you’re planning to do a lot of standup grappling, such as judo or BJJ competition training.

IncStores Roll Out Wrestling and Tumbling Mats 

The IncStores roll out mats are designed primarily for wrestling, and work perfect for BJJ too. They come in a convenient roll, which makes installation and transportation pretty easy. For that reason, they’re a good option if you want a more portable setup.

The surface is a durable vinyl finish, which is easy to clean and sanitize. As for thickness, these mats come in either 1 ¼ inch or 1 ⅝ inch, making them extremely safe and a great option for powerful standup work.

The only downside here is that you will need to get a couple of rolls and some heavy duty tape to create a larger square area, as the mats don’t naturally connect together.

Z Athletic 4ft x 8ft x 2in Gymnastics Martial Arts 4 Panel Mat 

Made primarily for gymnastics, these mats are a huge 2 inches thick, so they’ll be sure to absorb all the punishment you (or the visiting Judo black belt) want to dish out.

The design is pretty easy to assemble. Each unit comes with four rectangular panels which conveniently folds up for transportation. To make a larger area, just connect multiple units via the hook and loop connections.

The vinyl surface is strong and puncture-resistant, but soft enough to help you avoid mat burns. It’s easy to clean and won’t absorb moisture with prolonged use.

Polar Aurora 4’x10’x2 Thick Folding Gymnastics Exercise Mat 

Polar Aurora’s mats are a great choice for any home BJJ gym or professional academy. Like Z Athletic’s mats, each unit is a 4-panel set which can be easily connected with other units via hook and loop. They also come with a carry handle for easy transport. Perfect for the BJJ nomad.

These too are 2 inches thick, for the highest level of safety possible. It isn’t quite as firm as some of the other mats on this list, though.

The standout feature of these mats is the design options – a range of options gives you a lot of flair and really helps you make your gym stand out.

We Sell Mats Folding Exercise Gym Mats 

Unsurprisingly, We Sell Mats sells great mats. 2 inch thick, high-density foam gives a great support cushion. They can be folded up quickly for easy storage or transportation.

All the materials used are high-quality, non-toxic, and won’t degrade over time. That’s an important feature for BJJ mats, which are likely to come under a lot of punishment. The surface specifically is lead-free 18 oz vinyl, which doesn’t tear and cleans easily.

A really convenient and reliable set of mats, which are suitable for grappling, BJJ and all kinds of martial arts.

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