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Finding the Best BJJ Rash Guard for 2021 

One of the primary pieces of equipment for No-Gi BJJ is a rash guard. A rash guard helps prevent lacerations and rashes on the skin, as well as wicking away sweat and odor-causing bacteria.

In No-Gi, a rash guard is a must. You’ll usually wear one when you’re training in the Gi, since the skin can still get irritated and broken by the Gi material.

Rash guards also happen to be one of the best opportunities to make a fashion statement in BJJ. There are a ton of incredible designs out there, letting you look good while kicking ass.

In this post, we’ll review some of the best BJJ rash guards – our team’s personal favorites – in the market today, and help you complete your next favorite No-Gi outfit.

Best BJJ Rash Guards on Amazon

If you shop on Amazon (who doesn’t, right?), there are a ton of awesome options available. Some of our favorite BJJ brands (Gold BJJ, Sanabul) are on Amazon, and their range includes some of the best rash guards we’ve tried.

Here are our top picks from Amazon:

Gold BJJ Foundation Rash Guard

Key Features

  • Six sizes to choose from, from XS to XXL
  • Long and short sleeve options
  • Ranked colors

The trademark of this rash guard is minimal fuss, but maximum performance.

Instead of a flashy design, the Gold BJJ Foundation rash guard is made to feel great when you’re rolling, and last a long time.

It features flatlock stitching that won’t irritate you in any way. At the same time, it offers durability, so you won’t have to worry about the seams coming apart.

Mesh underarms give added breathability, while one of the best parts is the long cut – meaning it won’t ride halfway up your chest when you’re in the thick of a roll.

And while the design is not as extravagant as others, I quite like the simplicity of this one. A simple “gold” across the chest reminds you and everyone else what you’re competing for.

This is an excellent choice for competition – ranked colors, as well as plain white and black options – means there’s no issue with this rash guard in IBJJF competition.

There’s also no reason this rash guard can’t double as a cross training outfit, or even an outfit for the beach. It’s a real all-rounder.

Get the Gold BJJ Foundation Rash Guard if:

You want a high-quality rash guard, designed for performance and durability, with the added plus of being IBJJF-approved and ready.

Sanabul Myo – BJJ & Cross Training Rash Guard

Key Features

  • Durable and multi-purpose design
  • Several color variations
  • Flexible material

This Sanabul product carries the hallmark of all of their gear – awesome value, nice design, top performance.

One selling point of this long sleeve rash guard is its anti-microbial properties. Nothing’s worse than skin infections, so you want a rash guard that does its part to fend off bacteria.

These properties also help the rash guard stand up to the test of time, rather than breaking down and losing its quality with heavy use.

This rash guard also features UV protection. It’s designed, not just for BJJ, but as a solid choice for cross-training. So whether you plan to use it when you run, bike, surf, or fight, this one’s for you.

Flatlock stitching does a lot to ensure the rash guard is durable. The material is elastic enough, so you can tug it in different directions without tearing.

The design of this rash guard is a modern, neon style, available in a couple of color options. For me, it’s a great middle ground between a simple ranked rash guard and some of the more extravagant designs out there.

If you prefer ranked colors, Sanabul has you covered there as well. Check out the Sanabul Essentials Ranked Rash Guards.

Finally, we need to mention that this rash guard is amazing value. For those who don’t want to shell out $50 on a rash guard, look no further than the Sanabul Myo.

Get the Sanabul Myo Rash Guard if:

You want a design that’s clean, but not too flashy, and a rash guard that performs well – all for less than $20.

Hayabusa Geo Long Sleeve BJJ Rashguard – Premium Price But Max Performance

Key Features

  • Blue, grey, red color options
  • Five sizes – S to XXL
  • Breathable material

With Hayabusa products, you know you’re getting the best. It might come at a little extra cost, but if you consider how long this rash guard is going to last you, is $10-20 extra really an issue?

You’ll feel the quality of this when you’re rolling. It’s equal parts durable and comfortable. The fabric is breathable, helping to keep you cool, even when you’re in difficult positions. Flatlock stitching gives it an added layer of durability, without having to worry about chafing or irritation from he seams.

The design is pretty neat, as it is with most gear from Hayabusa. The subtle geometric patterns along the chest and arms do just enough to stand out, but not enough to make it overbearing. You get three color variations to choose from – red, grey and blue (unfortunately no dedicated ranked colors).

Get the Hayabusa Geo Long Sleeve Rash Guard if:

You’ve got the budget for a premium rash guard, and want the best.

The Hayabusa Geo also comes in short sleeve, if that’s your preference. Or, for a cheaper option, check out the Hayabusa Metaru.

Fuji Baseline Ranked BJJ Rash Guard

Key Features

  • Durable and anti-microbial
  • IBJJF approved, ranked colors
  • Minimalist design

We love this rash guard because it’s durable and anti-microbial features. These are a couple of the most important features in a Jiu Jitsu rash guard.

Fuji is a classic brand with a classic style, which comes out in this rash guard. There’s nothing crazy going on with the design. Just something simple, with the Fuji logo in the middle (which I love, by the way).

Fuji products are made to last. I’ve had a pair of Fuji shorts since I first started BJJ, which are still going strong. Other shorts I bought have already started to come apart in places, but with Fuji you’re confident that your gear will last a long time.

This rash guard is comfortable and functional, giving you no worries about anything getting in the way of your rolls.

There are seven (7!) sizes available, all the way from XS to 3XL. Sizing runs a little small, so you might want buy a slightly larger size than you’re used to.

Final point, you can get the Fuji Baseline in all ranked colors, making it an excellent BJJ competition rash guard.

Get the Fuji Baseline Jiu Jitsu Rash Guard if:

You like high-quality BJJ gear, with little fuss about design. Especially good for competitors.

Under Armour HeatGear Compression Top

Key Features

  • High quality Under Armour design
  • Mesh underarm panel for ventilation
  • Wicks sweat and dries fast

This is not a typical rash guard for BJJ, but the Under Armour long-sleeve compression shirt ticks all the boxes.

This is actually one of my favorite rash guards to wear. I’ve had one for over five years now, and it’s still going strong.

This compression top feels great, with moisture-wicking design and technology that helps keep you cool, even during hard rolls. It feels super light as well, and provides better mobility than any other rash guard I’ve worn.

The design is plain and simple, which may be unfortunate for those who value style as #1. But there are multiple color options to allow for a bit of expression.

If you want to compete, get a color that fits with IBJJF rules. The black and white options should be legal in any belt level, while there’s also blue and purple, if you’re in either of these divisions.

Get the Under Armour HeatGear Compression Top if:

You’re not worried about colorful designs or brands made for BJJ – instead, you want a rash guard for BJJ that will improve your performance, and won’t lose its shape easily.

Tatami Rash Guards – Best Designs, Hands Down

If you were to only buy rash guards from Tatami, you could still collect enough designs to wear a different one every day of the month.

Tatami has some of the best designs out there, when it comes to rash guards and No-Gi gear. Once you start buying Tatami products, you’ll become addicted, I promise.

It’s not easy dealing with compliments and being known as the guy with the coolest rash guards… but you’ll get used to it.

The best thing about Tatami is, they aren’t just good to look at. Their gear is battle tested, worn by black belts and professionals all over the world. These rash guards feel great, and stand up to punishment. They’re even pretty good value, with most rash guards coming in under $50.

Here are a few of my favorite Tatami rash guards:

Tatami Chess Gorilla Rash Guard

We often say BJJ is like a chess match. This rash guard visualizes that. Picture the power of a silverback gorilla… and the intellect of a chess professional.

This design just exemplifies what Jiu Jitsu is all about – the combination of strength and intelligence. I think that’s why it’s my favorite Tatami design.

Supply Co Navy/Yellow Long Sleeve Rash Guard

This one is a vastly different style to the chess gorilla rash guard, and indeed many of Tatami’s rash guard designs. It’s kind of a retro look – and gives the impression that you’re here for business, not pleasure.

It features a snake and arrow along the sleeves and on the back, in the most extravagant part of the design. The rest is clean and simple, with a contrasting navy and yellow color.

There are also matching shorts and spats in this design, letting you complete a sleek, matching outfit.

Tropic Black Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Another one for those who love simplicity. There’s nothing crazy going on here. A lot of space on the front, and the back features a vertical window to an idyllic scene of tropical palm trees.

I love the mix of black, white and orange in the color scheme, as well as the traditional Asian lettering on the front. This design really makes you feel like a martial artist.

Check out more Tatami rash guards.

Raven Fightwear – More Great Designs

They’re not as much of a household name as Tatami yet, but Raven Fightwear is a brand that’s responsible for some of the craziest and most badass designs out there right now.

Raven Fightwear BJJ Rash Guards

The price is a bit of a premium, as you’d expect, but all the products are super high-quality, and the designs from Raven Fightwear are nuts.

Here are some of my favorite Raven BJJ rash guards:

Origin USA Rash Guards – Premium BJJ Gear

Origin is one of the top names in premium, super high-quality BJJ gear. While their Gis stand out, they also make amazing No-Gi gear.

They have a few really good designs, including a few USA-themed designs, to bring out the patriot in you. Their gear is all made locally in the US as well, for those who want to support US-based manufacturing.

Origin DNA Rash Guard

While all of Origin’s rash guards are badass, the Origin DNA is my favorite. I love the simple mustard and black color scheme, and the trademark Origin design.

Even better, this is a high-quality rash guard. It performs great. It’s moisture-wicking, holds up against abrasion, and stretches or compresses to fit your body perfectly.

The only downsides to Origin gear are the price (a little more expensive than anything you’re going to find on Amazon) and shipping time. As all gear is made to order, it takes about 4-6 weeks to arrive. But if you want the best gear (including rash guards and other No-Gi gear), Origin is for you.

Elite Sports – Great Value Ranked Rash Guards

Elite Sports is one of the best places to go for cheap, good value BJJ gear. Their products are simple, but work fine if you need something no-frills, that performs well.

Elite Sports Ranked Rash Guards

You can’t beat the value of these rash guards. For less than $20, you get a quality, lightweight rash guard, designed for the rigors of BJJ.

The design is super simple, which will appeal to some people, who don’t necessarily need a flashy look. This makes them perfect for competition wear. I have a feeling that’s what Elite Sports had in mind, as they offer ranked rash guards for all belt levels, in both long and short sleeved versions.

Why Should You Wear a Rash Guard?

Let’s clear this up. Do you really need to wear a rash guard in BJJ? Can you substitute a rash guard for a simple t-shirt or tank top?

You could use a t-shirt, or other kind of activewear – in training, at least. It’s not ideal though. BJJ rash guards are not just for a fashion statement, they serve a functional purpose too.

Here’s why you should wear a rash guard for Jiu Jitsu.

Prevent Skin Injuries and Infections

Wearing a rash guard helps prevent skin injuries, which really suck. Friction is a killer in Jiu Jitsu. Your skin is rubbing against other training partners, the mats, your Gi, and more. It’s easy to wind up with rashes or broken skin.

These skin injuries are annoying and uncomfortable in the first place. But the worst thing is broken skin opens the door for bacteria to enter the body, leading to skin infections like ringworm and staph.

A rash guard helps protect the skin, as well as protecting against common bacteria and infections.

Reduce Snags (and Related Injuries)

The biggest reason to wear a proper BJJ rash guard over a t-shit or tank top is to avoid getting fingers, toes etc caught up in fabric. With loose-fitting shirts, this is easy, when two people are grappling and moving at a high pace. It just takes a second, and your finger or toe gets caught, leading to a nasty sprain.

That’s why tight-fitting clothes such as rash guards are worn in No-Gi Jiu Jitsu.

Deal With Moisture

We sweat a lot in Jiu Jitsu. A regular t-shirt, not equipped for water sports, will become bogged down and extremely uncomfortable after a hot roll. That’s why you’ll wear surfer-like clothes, which are designed to be able to handle moisture, wicking sweat away from your body and drying quickly.

Compression for Muscle Performance & Recovery

Tight-fitting compression gear is good for the muscles. Compression helps aid blood flow and circulation, which improved muscle performance, speeds up recovery, and helps prevent injuries.

Choosing the Best BJJ Rash Guards

These are some of the most important factors we took into consideration when picking out our personal favorite BJJ rash guards outlined in this post.


While you’re not supposed to grip and pull on clothing in No-Gi, it’s inevitable that your rash guard is going to take some punishment – whether it’s being pulled accidentally, or getting held on to by the fresh white belt, holding onto anything he can for dear life.

The last thing you want is a rash guard that tears or loses its shape easily. You want high-quality fabric, and strong, reinforced seams.

Comfort & Mobility

More important than anything, you want your BJJ rash guard to feel comfortable. The annoyance from rash guard that doesn’t feel quite right is enough to throw you off your game, easily.

You want full range of motion, too. There’s nothing worse than having your movement restricted by a rigid rash guard, that makes you feel like you’re in a strait-jacket.

Moisture Wicking

Make sure your rash guard is equipped to deal with sweat and moisture. Most rash guards these days have moisture wicking tech built in, meaning they are designed to pull sweat away from your body. This is pretty vital, so your mats don’t end up like a slip-n-slide halfway through your roll.


Finally, fashion is important. Not for everyone – some people won’t care about how they look, and that’s fine. But for others, No-Gi BJJ is your chance to make a statement and look great.

There are a ton of awesome designs to choose from in BJJ rash guards today. You can build up a hell of a collection, enough to look great with a fresh look every day of the week.

You might also want to pick up a couple of ranked rash guards for competition as well, as some of the most extravagant designs may not be IBJJF-legal.

Want to Choose For Yourself?

We outlined above some of the Find Your Gi team’s personal favorite No-Gi BJJ rash guards. However, if you want to shop for a rash guard yourself, and choose the right design for you, here are some quick links to the best rash guard brands out there:

We recommend just about any product from the brands above. We’ll leave the style choice to you.

Best BJJ Rash Guards Today – In Summary

No matter your situation – just starting BJJ, kicking your training up a notch, or looking to treat yourself and add to your collection – your search for an awesome rash guard starts and ends here.

We’ve put together a collection of our team’s favorite BJJ rash guards. Ranked colors, bold designs, minimalist, budget, premium… the list above has you covered.

Check out our picks, as well as our recommended brands, and find your next favorite rash guard.

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