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The Best BJJ Grappling Dummy for 2023

Both serious and casual BJJ athletes need training time to progress and improve. If you’re struggling to get the class time you need, a BJJ grappling dummy could be the answer.

When you need to (or want to) practice on your own, consider using a grappling dummy. Not only do dummies give you a way to drill when you have no training partners, they also let you practice potentially dangerous or difficult moves without needing to worry about your partner.

Read on for pro tips on picking out the Best Grappling Dummy for BJJ.

What is a Grappling Dummy?

A grappling dummy is a human-shaped heavy bag you can use to practice jiu-jitsu (or other kinds of grappling) on by yourself. Think of a standard punching bag, but with arms, legs and a head.

Grappling dummies are usually filled with old clothes or rags in order to give a firm, realistic feel. Many come unfilled, and require you to add filling yourself. Other, more expensive versions may be pre-filled with fabric, foam or other kinds of soft filling.

The benefit of a grappling dummy is being able to train and drill moves by yourself, when otherwise you’d need a training partner. This can be useful when you can’t find anyone available to train with, or you can’t get to the gym.

(Like during a global pandemic… for example)

Another awesome use for grappling dummies is training high-impact or dangerous moves. Think throws, high-effort takedowns or flying shit. Many of these moves put your training partner in a dangerous spot, especially when you’re doing the move for the first time. But by using a dummy, you can get repetitions in without worrying about injuring your friends.

Grappling dummies are great for BJJ, but can also be used for wrestling, judo, or MMA (they’re great for drilling hard ground and pound).

Buying a Grappling Dummy: What to Look For

A low-quality or poorly constructed dummy will not help you get better at BJJ. You’d be better off trying to armbar your pillow than some of the dummies out there.

Here are a few important things to look for when looking for the best grappling dummy.


You generally want to practice as close to what you will be fighting. The more realistic the practice is, the better you’ll be able to replicate moves against a real person.

Try and look for a dummy that is as close to the size of a potential partner you will be fighting.


Most dummies weight between forty and sixty kilograms making the dummy, while not the weight of a regular person, enough of a challenge for the average person practicing. The weight makes a huge difference if you are practicing techniques that involve throws or lifts. You need to know you can properly make a move without hurting yourself.


Most practice dummies are leather, canvas, or polyester. You want something that will withstand multiple types of moves for years. A dummy that has double or triple stitching will hold up along with a sturdy canvas or leather material.


You can practice with a dummy that is the shape of a person or a solid shape to help with different moves. As with the height, it’s beneficial to use a grappling dummy that’s as close to the proportions of a regular person as possible, so you won’t have trouble when it comes to trying out moves in real life. If your dummy is regular human proportions, you can even put a Gi on it to practice lapel chokes, grips and throws.


Not all dummies are flexible or bendable, but the type of material the dummy is and how it is stitched can make a huge difference in how flexible the dummy is. If the dummy is canvas, it is less likely to be as flexible as a dummy that is made with leather or a polyester mix.


If the dummy is leather, it will hold up the longest. Canvas is also very durable, but it is more likely to pop stitches. The type of material you choose will feel different as you move through the moves with it.

Top Grappling Dummies in 2023

As promised, the best grappling dummies, specifically for BJJ, available today.

Jayefo Beast 58 BJJ/Wrestling Dummy

Jayefo Beast 58 Grappling Dummy (Black/RED, 4-FEET)

  • Made for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, MMA.
  • Extended Arms For Accurate Practice.
  • Realistic human body shape.
  • Can be filled with used clothes / blankets/ textile shredded into smaller pieces. For the perfect look, we recommend Poly fillers Available / Cotton.

The Jayefo Beast 58 grappling dummy is an awesome tool for wrestling & BJJ practice. It can be set up both to lay straight or sitting up, to practice an array of moves, from guard attacks, to attacks from the top, as well as wrestling moves.

Available in 4 foot or 5 foot variations, it can weigh between 40-120 lbs depending on filler. Fully filled, it’s an excellent way to replicate a real training partner.

Aoneky 6ft Leather Unfilled Grappling Dummy

Aoneky 6ft Leather Unfilled Grappling Dummy - MMA Jiu Jitsu UFC Judo Standing Wrestling Dummy

  • 6ft in height, comes unfilled
  • 19 inches once the arms filled
  • Super strength triple-ply synthetic leather cover
  • Stitching has additional reinforcement, special stiching on the arms
  • Can be filled with recycle textile cuttings or shredding, can also be filled up with raw cotton or any suitable filler material

A 6 feet tall, this is the perfect life-sized grappling dummy for BJJ athletes to drill on. It’s manufactured to be specially strong and durable on the arms, making it perfect for drilling all kinds of armlocks.

The humanoid design has all the proportions of a real person, so it won’t throw you off when it’s time to translate your moves into live training. It’s easy to put a Gi on the dummy too, to practice Gi & lapel chokes.

This grappling dummy also doubles as a great option for strikers, due to the strong leather material and life-sized proportions. Excellent for MMA fighters.

Daan MMA Grappling Dummy

Grappling Dummy MMA Wrestling Punch Bag Judo Martial Arts 70''

  • Human features.
  • Can weigh up to 40kg depending on filling.
  • Easy kneeling setup for practicing guard attacks.
  • Tight stitching & durable canvas material.

The Grappling Dummy MMA Wrestling Punch Bag Judo Martial Arts dummy is a durable canvas material. You can fill the Grappling Dummy with sand or only rags to make the dummy pliable and lifelike. The design features tight stitching and is perfect for drill escapes and submission practice.

When stuffed, the dummy weighs about sixty pounds and has very broad shoulders to mimic a very larger man. The dummy comes in a kneeling position with its arms stretched forward. The face s also made into a target, which is perfect for practicing kicks and punches.

Ring to Cage Deluxe MMA Grappling Jiu-Jitsu Ground & Pound Dummy

Youth or Adult Deluxe MMA Grappling Jiu Jitsu Ground & Pound Dummy 3.0 (Adult-Black/Red)

  • 3.0 Version with addition of Hands and Feet.
  • Available in Youth and Adult sizes.
  • Ships from North Carolina USA. 1-5 Business days delivery in US. Also ships internationally.
  • Works for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Grappling, Wrestling, MMA Ground and Pound.
  • Made of heavy duty 22oz Polyester coated vinyl, tight filled.
  • Adult Dummy, comes in color Black/Red, Marine Green, Red, Blue, is about the height equivalent of a 6 feet man and weighs approximately 65-70 pounds. Kids Dummy, color Blue/Red is about the height equivalent of a 4.6″ foot kid and weighs approximately 30-35 pounds.

This is a premium option if you’re really serious about getting a dummy that replicates a real person.

The Ring to Cage Deluxe MMA Grappling Jiu-Jitsu Ground & Pound Dummy is a heavy-duty dummy. Made with twenty-two ounce polyester coated vinyl, the dummy comes in a kneeling position so that you can practice ground moves and takedowns.

The dummy is the equivalent of an adult man at around six feet tall. It weighs around twenty pounds and comes in your choice of red and black, red and blue or plain black. The design of the dummy is perfect for practicing leg lock, ankle hooks, and kneebars.

The base of the dummy is very sturdy to practice all kinds of moves. The legs and arms stretch out, so you can do throw and ground pounds. The dummy comes empty of all sand, so you will have to add it all.

Celebrita MMA Grappling Dummy

Celebrita MMA Grappling Dummy - Judo Punching Bag, Filled - Sitting Position Hands Front (Canvas Black, 40" - Upto 30 lb)

  • Unfilled – can be up to 100lbs depending on filler.
  • Postures on its knees and elbows so you can prepare both quarter position/ turtle position and sprawl position procedures.
  • Legs curved 90 degrees at the hips the way a real person does.
  • Comes in black canvas or blue leather design.

The Celebrita MMA Grappling Dummy comes in red and back or blue and white and is of canvas construction. Designed in a kneeling position, the dummy’s arms wrap forward as if to grip a partner. You can fill the dummy with cotton or rags to help fill it out.

With the dummy, you can practice different moves both on the floor and standing. The face is a target to help you practice your punches and kicks.

You can also order the dummy in soft, durable leather, which can help you practice without rubbing.

Combat Sports MMA, Grappling and BJJ Dummy

Combat Sports 70 lb. Legged Grappling Dummy

  • Life-sized BJJ dummy, perfect for take downs, throws, submissions and strikes
  • Made of durable and easy to clean military-grade vinyl construction.
  • Available in a variety of weights for your home or commercial gym needs
  • Sizes(inches) and Weights: 70 LBS (5.4 tall) 90 LBS (5.6 tall) 120 LBS (5.10 tall) 140 LBS (5.10 tall)

The Combat Sports Jiu Jitsu Dummy is super high-quality, excellent at replicating the size and feel of a real opponent. The size and proportions are extremely realistic, making it good for drilling takedowns, joint locks and more.

This BJJ dummy comes pre-filled, which is a nice touch. There are several options to choose from in terms of size and weight – the largest is 5’10” tall and 140lbs, which is more than enough to feel like you’re throwing around a real person.

The exterior is military-grade vinyl, both durable and easy to clean.

ROLL HARD Brand Jiu Jitsu MMA Grappling Ground and Pound Dummy

ROLL HARD Brand Jiu Jitsu MMA Grappling Ground and Pound Dummy (Filled-Ready to use)

  • Includes hands and feet (for demons who want to practice wristlocks).
  • Ships 1-5 business days from Raleigh, North Carolina, ships internationally.
  • Made of heavy-duty mil-spec cordura material, for a realistic feel when training
  • Height equivalent of a 6 foot man and weighs approximately 55-60 pounds.

The ROLL HARD Brand Jiu Jitsu MMA Grappling Ground and Pound Dummy is a heavy-duty grappling dummy. Made with heavy-duty military-grade cordura material, the dummy is large and lifelike. The dummy is the size of a six-foot-tall man and weighs up to sixty pounds when stuffed.

The dummy is a bendable and flexible way to practice all kinds of Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling or mixed martial arts moves from throws to takedowns. The heavy-duty material ensures the dummy will more than survive your practice sessions and will be an integral part of in-class training.

Ring to Cage MMA Training and Fitness Dummy

MMA Training and Fitness Dummy Filled 60 lbs for MMA Fitness, Grappling, MMA

  • Comes filled.
  • Ideal for myriad of training and fitness workouts, dummy comes with four padded reinforced handles on both sides and one top handle.
  • Handles allow for a bevy of pushes, pulls, throws, thrusts, raises, rolls, etc. for serious MMA athletes and fitness workout.
  • Made of durable polyester coated vinyl which provides same durability as leather, triple stitching.
  • Measures: 38” x 15”, Weighs 60 Lbs. Color available: Black only

The Ring to Cage MMA Training and Fitness Dummy is not a person, but a large bag stuffed bag you can use for simulated throws, rolls, and takedowns. Mad with handles covering the outside, there are plenty of handholds to practice different moves and always grab your opponent correctly.

The bag handles are triple stitched for long-term use and have extra padding to protect your hands. Made of a durable polyester coated vinyl, the bag comes out durable as well as unique. It even has a top handle for throws. When full, the bag weighs up to sixty pounds.

When not using it for practicing moves, the bag is a durable, heavy-duty practice tool for strength training exercises. The handles make lifting the bag easy for all kinds of workouts.

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Bottom Line Recommendations: Best Jiu Jitsu Practice Dummy

Time to sum up the best Jiu Jitsu practice dummy choices out there. The best for you depends on your budget, and what you plan to use it for.

Best Budget Grappling Dummy – Jayefo Beast 58

The Jayefo Beast is a super affordable option for anyone wanting a BJJ dummy, but not wanting to pay a premium price.

This dummy comes in a sitting position, great for drilling moves from guard. The dummy is unfilled, but has a solid weight once filled with rags/textile/poly filler. It comes in 4, 5, and 6 foot variants, all of which are great value.

Best BJJ Dummy for Takedowns – Combat Sports Grappling Dummy

The life-sized proportions and heavy weight of the Combat Sports BJJ dummy make it perfect for drilling takedowns, particularly Judo throws. The heaviest variation gives you 140lbs to throw around, which honestly may be too much for most people. This much dead weight gives you a hell of a workout – if it’s too much for you, think about getting the 90lbs variation instead.

Either way, this is a great option to improve your takedowns without a live training partner.

Best Overall BJJ Dummy – Aoneky 6ft Leather Grappling Dummy

All factors considered, the Aoneky leather grappling dummy is our top pick. It ticks all the boxes you need in a grappling dummy, whether you want it for BJJ, Judo, MMA or anything else.

The height and weight (when filled) gives you a very realistic BJJ dummy, great for takedowns and throws. The leather exterior is good quality and should last a long time, and special care has been taken to ensure that stitching on troublesome spots like the arms and shoulders won’t break down easily.

As for price, it’s a little more than something like the Jayefo, but not as much as some of the other premium options out there. Perfect mix of quality and value in a BJJ dummy.

Best Training Dummies for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: In Summary

A high-quality grappling dummy for BJJ can change the way you train, allowing you to get reps in when away from the gym, and log more time practicing high-risk moves in low-risk situations.

When it comes to training and drilling certain moves, lifelike is almost always better. At the same time, you need something that can not only take a beating but come in handy for other types of workouts and practice.

Check out one of the grappling dummies reviewed above to pick out the best one to add to your training regimen.

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