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About Us

You’ve reached the hub for BJJ, MMA & combat sports – Find Your Gi. If you’re passionate about martial arts, you’re just like us. So we feel confident in saying you’re in the right place.

Who we are

Find Your Gi is a team of people who love BJJ and MMA (or just playing dress up).

Located all over the world, we’re united as part of the global combat sports community. Our team is distributed wide enough to be able to give you the most extensive buying advice, technique and training tips.

Whatever your taste, background, body type or favorite technique, someone on our team has probably been through the same things as you, and can offer advice that fits you to a T.

What we are about

We’re here to spread the word about BJJ and combat sports, and grow the global community. From the early days of MMA; Vale Tudo, Bloodsport, UFC 1, to now, we have seen huge growth around the world. We want to continue that, and make combat sports popular and accessible wherever you go.

We love sharing our experiences and giving back, which is why we offer so much awesome content completely free.

Our process

As well as our love for various martial arts, our team shares a collective passion for collecting awesome gear. That puts us in a position to be the authority on BJJ & MMA products, from Gis to Gloves.

Our buying guides and product reviews are put together by a combination of personal experiences and experiences sourced from friends, training partners and previous customers.

Find Your Gi’s writing and editorial team expertly puts all the information together to give you the best recommendations, every time.

When you click through and buy one of the products we recommend, we may get a small commission from the vendor. This is at no cost to you, and helps us keep putting out content, and keep the site alive.

So, if there’s any kind of gear you want to know about, any products you’d love to see us review, just shoot us a message and we’ll get to work!

Our chief editor

Head of Find Your Gi’s content team is Andrew. Andrew started his BJJ journey in New Zealand, where he joined a gym as a way to find people to watch and talk about the UFC with.

He soon branched out to other martial arts, including MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, and Capoeira, though BJJ is still his main weapon.

He now lives and trains in Vietnam, one of the most exciting scenes for up-and-coming combat sports talent in Southeast Asia.

Fun Facts:

  • Andrew’s favorite submission is the triangle – he’s known by some as the Triangle Hunter.
  • Andrew claims to hate training in the Gi, but he does it anyway.
  • Andrew does not believe in straight ankle locks.