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Find Your Gi is a site built for, and by, people passionate about Brazilian jiu-jitsu and martial arts.

The best thing about having a passion is sharing it with others. 

BJJ used to be a niche activity. Something you’d associate with the JCVD classic Bloodsport.

Now, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is well and truly in the mainstream. It has changed countless peoples’ lives, and continues to grow globally. 

Whether you’re training for competition, self defense or just to lose weight, BJJ is a great thing to pick up.

…and if you don’t know what you’re doing it for, that’s fine too! Many people have found a passion they didn’t know they had by going along to a class.

That’s why we want to share it with as many people as possible.

Find Your Gi offers guides and helpful content for those new to the gentle art, buying guides, gear reviews, and much more.

Our goal is to grow the art of BJJ, one reader at a time.

How Find Your Gi gives you the BEST product advice

Whether you’re looking for a new gi, rashguard, a pair of spats or a roll of finger tape, we’ve got a recommendation.

Curious how we put together our buying guides and product reviews?

Wherever we can, we like to give a personalized recommendation, from the experience of having used the gear in question. That way, you can trust that you’re getting an honest review, and you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Where it’s not possible (I’d like to try every single Gi ever made, but I haven’t gotten there quite yet!), we source additional opinions to help us make the most comprehensive buying guide. Friends, training partners, as well as other reviews online, will be used to figure out what we’re comfortable recommending to our loyal readers.

Be aware that when you click through and buy one of the products we recommend, we may get a small commission from the vendor. This is at no cost to you, and helps us keep putting out content, and keep the site alive.

So, if there’s any kind of gear you want to know about, any products you’d love to see us review, just shoot us a message and we’ll get to work!