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Tatami BJJ: The Best Value from One of the Best BJJ Brands

Tatami BJJ is one of the best brands on the market for Gi and No-Gi gear. They have deep roots with the BJJ community, and for over ten years, have been producing awesome Gis, rash guards, spats and more – at really good value.

I always look at the brand first when I’m in the market for BJJ gear. You want to buy from a brand you can trust to deliver high-quality gear every time.

Whatever stage you’re at – whether you’re a beginner, novice, or Jiu Jitsu saved your life – you can always rely on Tatami to have what you need. Read on to learn more about the brand, why they’re so well regarded and some of our team’s top picks from their range.

About Tatami: The Background

Tatami Fightwear was established in 2009. The company is based in the UK and has quickly become one of the most well-known BJJ brands globally.

Tatami is known for producing high-quality BJJ gis, rash guards, fightwear, and other martial arts equipment. The brand caters to both recreational and professional BJJ practitioners, with a focus on providing comfort, durability, and style.

Tatami’s commitment to quality and design has set it apart in the BJJ market. The brand collaborates with top BJJ athletes and academies to create products that meet the specific needs of BJJ practitioners. They use high-quality materials and innovative designs to create products that last and perform well on the mat. Tatami is also dedicated to giving back to the BJJ community and supports various events and organizations, such as the IBJJF World Championships.

Tatami’s products are widely available in BJJ academies and online retailers, and the brand has a large following among BJJ practitioners. From beginner-friendly gis to performance-oriented rash guards, Tatami has a product that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Tatami sponsors many world-class BJJ athletes across the world.

Why We Love Tatami

Two words encapsulate the Tatami BJJ brand: variety and value.

Their range is bigger than any other BJJ brand out there. They’ve got a ton of choices, both in Gi and No-Gi. For No-Gi in particular, Tatami’s range of rash guards is insane, with a massive number of designs available.

This range includes simple ranked rash guards, clean, low-key designs, and many flashier designs.

Almost all are available in long and short-sleeves, and many have matching spats too.

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The other reason we love Tatami BJJ gear is the value. Though they do have a good number of premium products (check out our post on Origin BJJ if you’re after top of the line BJJ gear), you can always find affordable gear on sale at Tatami.

If you’re looking for a Gi under $50, or a rash guard under $30, you can probably find it at Tatami. And you don’t need to sacrifice quality to do so.

Add in worldwide shipping, and you could easily get all your BJJ gear from Tatami, and never have to think about shopping somewhere else.

Now let’s look through some of our team’s top picks for gear from Tatami Fightwear.

Tatami BJJ Gis

Tatami is usually one of the first places I go to buy a Gi. With Tatami you know you’re going to get good quality, clean designs, and good value, if you’re on a budget.

If you’re in the market for a Gi, check out these top picks, or click here to view the full range on Tatami’s website.

Estilo Black Label Gi: Best Premium Tatami Gi

The Estilo line is what you go for if you want a Tatami Gi and you’re not worried about price.

Here are some of the highlights of the Estilo:

  • 9 color options
  • 550GSM pearl weave jacket
  • 12oz canvas pants
  • High quality Tatami/Estilo logo embroidery
  • Tatami Y-Vent technology
  • Printed jacquard drawstring on pants
  • Comes with a free drawstring bag
  • Long, short and heavy sizing options

The jacket feels great to wear – at 550 GSM it’s a little heavier than your regular Gi these days, but some people prefer it that way (heavier Gis are harder to grip and control, too, so they’re great for competition).

I particularly like the drawstring on the pants. As with all Tatami Gi pants, it does a great job of staying fixed throughout hard rolls. So you’re not going to be the guy who’s always apologizing and tying his pants throughout class.

There are several color options – competition-legal blue, black and white, with multiple options for the color of the logo on top. I like the blue on blue, but if you prefer something different, they’ve got you covered.

The price is more than most Tatami Gis, but still nothing crazy – around £100, or $120, which is on the low end for a premium BJJ Gi.

Elements Superlite Gi: Best Lightweight Tatami Gi

The Superlite is a mid-range Gi, more affordable than the Estilo, slightly lower quality – but not so much that you’ll really notice any difference.

Here are the top features you get from the Superlite:

  • 5 color options
  • Lightweight Gi, with a 300GSM pearl weave jacket
  • 8oz ripstop pants
  • High quality embroidery featuring Tatami/jiu jitsu logos on jacket & pants
  • Tatami branded label stitched to front collar & the back of jacket hem
  • Side vents on jacket
  • Tatami branded drawcord on pants
  • Comes with a free white belt

This is one for people who prefer a lightweight Gi. At just 300 GSM, you’ll barely feel it. It’s a great option if you’re training somewhere super hot, or you want a lighter Gi to help you make weight.

It’s got all the highlights of Tatami Gis – the clean branding, high-quality stitching, nice fit with options for longer or shorter body types. You’ve also got 5 color options – IBJJF-legal blue, black and white, along with khaki and navy.

Complite Gi: Mid-Range Tatami Gi (Regular Weight)

The Complite is another mid-range option, but at 475 GSM, one for those who aren’t after a super lightweight Gi. It’s sturdier and holds up better, and as long as you can make the weight, generally is going to perform better in competition.

Here are the top features of the Complite Gi:

  • Available in white & black
  • 475GSM pearl weave jacket
  • 8oz cotton twill pants
  • 6 row ankle & cuff reinforcement stitching
  • Side vents for exceptional fit & design
  • Comes with a free drawstring Gi bag

There are only two color options here (white and black), which is less than you get with some of Tatami’s other Gis. But then again, it’s made for competition, not necessarily for showing out at the gym.

If you’re looking for a budget Tatami Gi, check out their site. They’ve usually got a certain range priced to clear – at the time of writing, the Complite Gi is just £39.50 ($49). While the clearance products aren’t always available in all colors/sizes, you can usually find an amazing bargain this way, for a top-quality Gi.

Looking for a wider selection? Check out our complete BJJ Gi buying guide for 2023.

Tatami No-Gi Gear

The options for Tatami No-Gi gear are pretty extensive, so if you want to shop all the designs, use these links to check out what’s available on

We’ll give a couple of our top picks ahead.

Apart from their clearance specials, the key thing that makes Tatami stick in my mind is their No-Gi gear.

You can find some sick rash guard designs from Tatami. If you’re like me, and you need to be the best-dressed in the gym at all times, this is a big reason to do your BJJ gear shopping at Tatami.

And flashy rash guard designs aren’t a big concern for you, Tatami also has many simpler designs, including your standard IBJJF-legal ranked rash guards.

Here are a couple of my top picks – one flashy, one more low-key.

Simple: Katakana Navy Rash Guard

This rash guard is a simple, clean design. It’s available in navy and black, and also comes with a short sleeve option and matching spats.

The fabric is polyester-spandex, which holds up well, and you don’t have any problems with the graphics fading or chipping. A rubber waistband along the bottom helps keep the fit, even through the most intense rolls with the most spazzy whitebelts.

Flashy: Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

When it comes to designs, there are a ton to choose from. I’m not going to say one is necessarily the best – it’s just down to personal preference.

The Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy is my favorite. Perhaps that’s because it has a lemon doing a triangle in the design (and the triangle is my favorite submission).

If you’re looking for a fun rash guard, check out Tatami’s Eco Tech range, their licensed metal-themed rash guards, and their full range of artwork rash guards.

A fun new addition is their country rash guards – deck yourself out in the flag of the following countries:

  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Wales
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Italy
  • USA

(I’m still waiting on a New Zealand design to come out!)

If you’re after shorts, Tatami offers a great variety of options in different styles, including classic grappling shorts, vale tudo shorts, regular athletic shorts and even muay thai shorts.

Ladies & Kids

Tatami also happens to have some of the best and widest ranges of ladies and kids Gis and No-Gi gear I’ve seen.

This is a huge plus for me, supporting Jiu Jitsu as something that’s inclusive to everyone, of all ages and genders.

Their female Gi range features diverse sizing choices, including variations that are longer in the arms and legs or larger in the chest, suiting a variety of different body shapes.

Tatami should be the first place you go for ladies/kids gear, as one of the only brands that doesn’t make this an afterthought compared to their men’s range.

Other Stuff (Belts, Accessories, Gear Bags)

You can get pretty much anything else you need from Tatami too.

Go to Tatami when you need a new belt. Get your tape from Tatami. You can even get a Tatami hat and flip flops (make sure you wear them whenever you step off the mats).

Finally, there’s also a great range of gear bags to choose from.

The Omega Back Pack is my top pick here. It comes with multiple compartments, comfortable straps, and a ton of room – even more if you break out the expandable bottom section.

Product image from

Tatami & the Community

One more thing to mention about Tatami is the work they do with the BJJ community.

Along with sponsoring many top BJJ & MMA athletes, Tatami supports several large events, including Polaris and the IBJJF World Championships.

Tatami also collaborates with REORG, a non-profit organization that uses BJJ as a tool for rehabilitation and personal development for military veterans and first responders.

Tatami supports REORG’s mission by providing gear and sponsoring events, helping to raise awareness and funding for their programs. This partnership demonstrates Tatami’s commitment to giving back to the BJJ community and supporting those who have served their communities and countries.

The Tatami/REORG partnership includes a range of REORG-branded gear, such as Gis, rash guards, belts, streetwear and more.

A selection of the REORG products available at

You can get Tatami REORG gear here. All the profits from these lines go to the charity, so not only are you going to look amazing, but you’ll be supporting a great cause.

Tatami BJJ Review: Summing Up

If you’re looking for BJJ gear, it’s really hard to go wrong by shopping with Tatami.

They have everything you might need. Whether you’re after a high-quality Gi or a budget Gi, a lightweight 300 GSM Gi or a sturdy 550 GSM Gi, rash guards, spats, shorts, backpacks, or anything else, Tatami has it.

You can frequently find products at huge discounts on their store, which makes them one of the best value BJJ brands, as well as one of the highest quality brands.

Tatami has my mark of approval. Visit their site to check out what they’ve got, or go back through this post for our team’s top recommendations, and kit yourself out with BJJ gear that’s going to look and perform great.

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